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Hospital Overview

As far as spending on health services concern is a real investment in the human capital of the nation, and enhance people's ability to contribute effectively to education,  economy and social development and the overall enjoyment of a satisfactory quality of life. 

Because of the profound sense of the importance of these points, we plan to establish a  40-50 bed hospital and diagnostic center. which  provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to BURAO  City citizens and nearby villages and towns  in line with scientific and State of-art- technology progress, with reachable or reasonable cost to make all community levels accessible to this kind of medical facility. 

The center will appoint medically integrated cadre of doctors, nurses and technicians to provide the best possible service to the community in accordance to the ethics of the profession under a distinct administration.

Our Doctors

Dr. Khadar Rooble

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Dr. Hassan Ahmed

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Dr. Ali Jama

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Dr. Ahmed Farah

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Dr. Jamac Hassan

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Dr. Faarax Ali

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Patient Testimonials

Services of the nursing staff at Hospital were prompt and quick. Doctors attended at duty in time. We are satisfied with services of all the staff. Food was good and served in time. Staff was courteous and friendly during services given.
Fatima Yusuf, Internal Medicine Patient
Please allow me to admit that ordinarily, I am a very poor patient. My surgeon did an excellent job after which I was dispatched into the capable hands of the nursing staff in recovery. I was very surprised when my family came to me up
Hirsi Noor, Surgery Patient
From the time I arrived at the hospital to the time I left, the care and attention I received from the doctors and other staff was excellent. Let me say, the excellent care that the hospital provided, have turned my nightmare into a promising dream.
Hawa Elmi, Pediatrics Patient
My experience at the Hospital was superior and well above medical treatment standards. The physicians, nurses and staff successfully cured my disease with unbelievable care and compassion. Their attention to ensuring my well-being was exceptional.
Jama Hassan, General Surgery