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About Horyal Hospital

As far as spending on health services concern is a real investment in the human capital of the nation, and enhance people's ability to contribute effectively to education, economy and social development and the overall enjoyment of a satisfactory quality of life. Because of the profound sense of the importance of these points, we plan to establish a 40-50 bed hospital and diagnostic center. which provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to BURAO City citizens and nearby villages and towns in line with scientific and State of-art- technology progress, with reachable or reasonable cost to make all community levels accessible to this kind of medical facility.

The center will appoint medically integrated cadre of doctors, nurses and technicians to provide the best possible service to the community in accordance to the ethics of the profession under a distinct administration.

The hospital service will be first limited to urgently needed specialties and eventually all other necessary specialties.

This institution will have continues and endless innovations and expansions in all trends Until it becomes a multi-disciplinary teaching hospital and be the point of the treatment of the surrounding areas and remote and locally creates a return of medical tourism.

The Centre is expected to obtain satisfaction of patients and their relatives and wanted to be the best medical center in the region . expect ed an early breakeven point and then a satisfactory profit in the first Ten months.